Interior Design by Olivier Lempereur
Stylism & decoration by Hélène Guillon

An entire universe transcribed in a few image. Beautiful Brussels with its luxurious residential neighbourhoods…

Set along the forest, surrounded by greenery, this house, with its well-balanced proportions, opens on to a large, elaborately laid-out private garden.
It is the result of a skilful balancing act that allows each object to find its own place.

Both cosy and trendy, the house has found its style and identity through the ideas of Olivier.
Here, Olivier worked on one of the first houses resulting from the collaboration of architects Serra di Migni and Corbiau.
Designed for a couple of collectors, this urban house, skilfully thought out and completed, is a collection in itself.

Olivier supported the owners in the selection of beautiful pieces that now vividly dress the walls of the contemporary house.
The purity of the lines counterbalances the omnipresence of the works of art.