Cala Rossa

Interior Design by Olivier Lempereur
Stylism & decoration by Hélène Guillon

The aim here was to retain the simple and comfortable Mediterranean style, to bring the sea and the green, scented vegetation into the house, all while offering ultra-modern comfort.

The structure was redesigned in order to create new perspectives on the beautiful, mature garden, and to let in light. The views are repeated in the cleverly placed mirrors facing the bay windows.

Intertwined elements, interior and exterior become one.

This very beautiful study of light in all its forms has as Guest Star an original wine / book cellar, designed by Olivier, that acts as the link between the kitchen and the dining room.

Olivier used the sobriety of a restrained range of colour tones to showcase the simplicity of the space and its exceptional situation overlooking the sea.

Ceilings entirely recovered in contemporary wood, red larch wood, all warmed with lively Southern shades, skilfully distilled.

The entire layout of the house has been revised to match the desires of the owners, in a customised facelift staged by the Olivier.

This project also offered the opportunity to cooperate with local businesses, who carried out very high quality work and proved their listening skills and responsiveness.