Racines des prés

Alexandre NAVARRO

I immediately loved the cuisine and personality of Alexander, the counter has become for me a familiar place where I feel practically at home.As he works with seasonal products the experiences are always different.Here the plate is in the center of attention, a traditional cuisine carried by its chef Alexandre Navarro. Already executive chef of Racines 2, he made his classes with big names: Christian Constant, Alain Ducasse, Frédéric Anton or Alain Pégouret with whom he worked for several years at Laurent.

Alexandre shares with David the love of a kitchen “without frills”, where the juice and the reductions are omnipresent: “the juice is an accelerator of tastes, which gives depth to the dishes,” explains the Parisian entrepreneur.

It is about classic dishes, perfectly executed. Together, they work on the strong values of French gastronomy: a cuisine based on seasonality and without false notes. A classic signature certainly, but also modern in its approach to the right, good and good living: sauces lighter, less salt, less sugar and less animal protein.