Interior Design by Olivier Lempereur
Stylism & decoration by Hélène Guillon

Filling the volumes intelligently, instilling them with the owners’ identity and imbuing them with warmth, elegance and, perhaps, a touch of femininity.
He always dreamed of a very contemporary house.
She was hesitant, worried about coldness and a lack of humanity.
They took the leap together when they understood that Olivier would create for them a comfortable, welcoming interior, bathed in light: a real luxury in Belgium.

In this vast, contemporary home with its repeated variations on the “bespoke”, everything seems right. Aubergine Volvic lava stone covers the walls, complementing the carefully selected precious wood, with its customised stains.

A harmonious realisation based on the model of the interior designers of the 1930s who had the happy gift of bringing together all the decorative arts in the service of a common work. A true hymn to the arts & crafts, a supreme and privileged construction that uses emotion as its guiding theme.